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November 06 2017


September 30th


October 1st


November 1st


December 1st

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November 04 2017

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November 03 2017

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October 26 2017

I never had that many friends growing up
So I learned to be okay with just me
Just me, just me, just me
And I'll be fine on the outside

I like to eat in school by myself anyway
So I'll just stay right here
Right here, right here, right here
And I'll be fine on the outside

So I just sit in my room after hours with the moon
And think of who knows my name
Would you cry if I died
Would you remember my face?

So I left home I packed up and l moved faraway
From my past one day and I laughed
I laughed, I laughed, I laughed, I sound fine on the outside

Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes I'm confused
Sometimes I find that I am not alright
And I cry, and I cry and I cry

So I just sit in my room after hours with the moon
And think of who knows my name
Would you cry if I died
Would you remember my face?
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...zostaje Ci wzruszenie ramion - pamiątkowy gest po tym, że umieliśmy latać. 
— Manuela Gretkowska
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Człowiek płacze i rozpacza tylko wtedy, kiedy ma jeszcze nadzieję. Kiedy nie ma żadnej nadziei, rozpacz przybiera postać straszliwego spokoju.
— Maria Dąbrowska
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October 08 2017

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Installed in the year 1410, this 600 year old clock in the city of Prague is the World’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

September 21 2017


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